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After being sick and tired of never having enough money to buy patches or not being able to find the ones I wanted, I took to making them myself. It’s not difficult either!

All you need is:

– a paintbrush

– fabric paint (only a couple of pounds from a craft shop)

– some old fabric (I used a pair of jeans that were falling apart)

– clear nail varnish

– an iron

Whenever I suggest to people complaining of the same dilemma to make their own patches they always seem to freak out about not being good at painting! It’s not a problem though if they look a bit wonky, it makes them look more unique! Or if you really struggle why not make a stencil first! (check out the stencil punks website for inspiration!) I prefer to do mine free-hand though.

1. Paint the picture on to the fabric using the fabric paint.

2. Cut off the excess fabric and paint the clear nail varnish around the edge to stop it from fraying and falling apart.

3. Leave to dry over night and then iron the hell out of it to set the paint and to make sure it doesn’t come off again.

And voila! Patches, patches and more patches!!

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